Why you should introduce
lube into your sex life

‘You should only need lube when you’re older’

‘Lube is only for anal sex’

‘Lube is only for people with crazy sex lives’

‘You shouldn’t need lube if you’re turned on’

Between balancing work, friends, family, children and relationships, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to give sex or self-pleasure a second thought. If it’s been a while since you and your partner have been intimate, try your best to communicate clearly about what you’re feeling so you can work to fix it together. Is it that you’re too tired after a long day? Do you both maybe need some time away together to reconnect? It’s important to remember there’s more to a relationship than just that physical aspect; to help take the pressure off of the physical act of sex, start by scheduling in a date where you can spend some quality time with your partner, away from any distractions.

Why Would I Need a Lubricant?


Lube has a reputation as being something that can only be used during penetrative or anal sex, but this is not the case! Lubrication can be used to enhance so many sexual activities, such as foreplay, masturbation, oral sex - and be great for if you want include sex toys into the equation or want to use it for longer sessions.

Lubricants also help reduce friction caused by things outside of your control, like vaginal dryness.
Women of all ages can suffer from vaginal dryness, and the truth is, no matter how turned on you may be, your body may take a moment to catch up with your mind. Reaching for the lube does not mean your partner is doing something wrong, or that you’re ‘less of a woman’ - taking control of the situation actually means you’re empowered enough to want good sex!

Read more here about how our Knect can help battle vaginal dryness.

Why We Recommend Using a
Water-Based Lubricant

Water-based lubes can help make sex, masturbation, and foreplay more comfortable and pleasurable for everyone involved. Water-based lubricants can be used in practically any sexual activity, even ones involving silicone sex toys as its texture is closest to the body’s natural lubricant. 

As water-based lubes don’t trap bacteria like other formulas, it's great for a woman’s natural PH balance, plus, they’re popular amongst people with sensitive skin as they’re suitable for everyday use. As a bonus, water-based lubes don’t stain sheets or clothing, and rinse away easily with water as there’s no stickiness or mess! 

You could use a water-based lubricant if:

  • You’re using a silicone sex toy (a silicone lube will break them down)
  • You’re using latex or polyisoprene condoms (an oil-based lube will break them down)
  • You suffer from vaginal dryness
  • You want to enhance your sexual experience - with your partner or with yourself.
  • You love Knect

How to Use Lubrication During
Sexual Activities

It Can Help Make Foreplay More Fun

Incorporating lube into foreplay can heighten sensations when you and your partner are exploring each other’s bodies, by helping everything stay slick and smooth. 

Lube Helps You Go Longer

If you’re not using lubrication, you may start to experience some dryness during a longer session. Lube can help you keep going and stay comfortable - a win win for everyone! 

Lube Can Be Used with Different Sex Toys

A water-based lubricant is extremely versatile, meaning you can use it with all of your sex toys. Applying some lube to a vibrator (or the toy of your choice), is a great way to play around with slick and slippery sensations, which may help you climax more quickly! 

Still not sure if lube is right for you? Luckily Knect comes in multiple sizes, including a small 50ml tube - perfect for testing out if it’s your first lubricant experience. We hope these tips will help you kickstart your journey toward a more pleasurable sex life. Have any top tips of your own? Let us know on Instagram @KnectUK


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