Knect lubricant... New name, same great feeling.

We believe in giving you the freedom and confidence to Knect. Introducing Knect lubricant can help enhance your intimate moments, bringing you and your partner closer together. 

Knect is a water-based lubricant which perfectly complements your natural moisture. 

Whether you've recently given birth, are experiencing dryness as a symptom of the menopause or if you're looking for a way to enhance your intimate moments, you can trust in Knect. 

Water-based lubrications are the most similar to your body's natural wetness, providing hydration and helping to ensure lubrication and comfort during sex. And because Knect contains no perfumes, parabens or flavourings, it's gentle enough for daily use. 

Box of Knect water-based lubricant

Where to buy Knect

We may have changed our name to Knect, but you can still find us in all your favourite stores - and online too.

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How to use lube

Whether you're looking for help to reconnect with your partner, menopause and vaginal dryness, or having sex after a baby - read our lubricant guide here.

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Visit our FAQ sections to learn more about Knect and find answers to your questions.

Knect is a personal lubricant for intimate use:

Kynect lubricant complements personal moisture

Complements personal moisture

Kynect lubricant is rated 4.75/5* on Amazon

Rated 4.7/5* on Amazon

Kynect lubricant is easy to rinse off

Easy to rinse off

Kynect lubricant is non-staining & perfume free

Non-staining & perfume free

Kynect lubricant is gentle enough for daily use

Gentle enough for daily use